Delphina’s Chakra Balancing Therapies

Delphina’s Chakra Balancing Treatments using pure Sodashi products target the seven Chakras. Thereby assisting in regaining focus and clearing blocked energy with increased wellbeing physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Allow these rituals to take you on a journey of relaxation and regeneration.


Rainbow Spectrum Chakra Balance 
90 minutes - $195pp

This ritual treatment uses the magical Herkimer Diamond Quartz to delightfully clear and cleanse the Heart's Auric Space.  This balancing is the perfect gateway to enjoy the beautiful Aromatic Chakra Oils of Sodashi. It is a gentle marriage with the Rainbow Quartz Family Member Stones filtering their light gently into each Chakra allowing it to shine brightly. The sweet sounds of Delphina's Harmonic Chimes will compliment your experience.

If desired, a 30 minute massage can be added to complement  this treatment  (Extra 30 min $60pp)

Deeply Grounding Chakra Balance
90 minutes - $195pp

In the balancing of the 7 Chakras, Delphina will use Herkimer Diamond Quartz to cleanse and clear the Auric Space first and then sweep the lower vibrational energy to make room for the super clear Smokey Quartz from Switzerland. This treatment supports and enhances the high waves of the life force within you and to ground deeply in each Chakra. You will be gently guided through this journey.       

If desired, a 30 minute massage can be added to complement this treatment. (Extra 30 min $60pp)

Love Stone Heart Infusion 

90 min - $195pp

Enter the sacred space of the Heart with a gentle back massage using Sodashi Heart Chakra Balancing Oil.  After the tensions are cleared Delphina will infuse the three chambers of the heart with the energies of the crystals and gem stones selected.  This ritual will allow you to balance the energies contained within this space allowing you to let go for what lies within. 

If desired, a 30 minute massage can be added to complement this treatment.   (Extra 30 min $60pp)

Crystal Kaleidoscope

60 min - $140pp or 90 min - $195pp

Receive a crystal body layout tailored to your personal needs. Seraphinite, Angelite and Celestite crystals will bath your body with a healing energy.

 A truly magical, healing experience.

Delphina’s Massage & Body Work

 Allow these rituals to take you on a journey of relaxation and regeneration


Delphina's Signature Healing Massage

60 min- $150pp or 90 min $210pp

This unique, soulful healing massage will be tailored uniquely for you. Delphina skilfully selects and blends hot stone, deep tissue and Swedish massage using aroma therapy oils, trigger point therapy and lomi lomi massage techniques. This creates a diverse sensory experience, which supports relaxation of the body, while touching heart and soul.

Delphina recommends 90 minutes for a full body experience. Shorter massages are available (for example head neck and shoulders) or the focusing of individual unique ailments.

Hot Stone Massage
60 min- $140pp or 90 min $195pp

A traditional technique. this allows you the sensory experience using hot stones to relax muscles, soothe aches and pains as well as calm the central nervous system. Find delight in the comfort and warmth of hot stones.

Sacred Body Work
90 min- $195pp

Sea Salt Scrub, Marine Body Wrap and Vichy shower. Sea salt and gentle flowing massage are used to softly exfoliate and cleanse your body. This is followed by a Marine Body wrap and Vichy shower using the mineral rich waters of the river. A deeply nourishing and cleansing experience.

Harmonic Sound Healing
45 min - $100pp or 60 min - $140pp

This sound massage is based on the principles backed by research that beautiful sounds and music alters brainwaves as well as creating a luxurious vibration when placed close or on the body.  This creates a deep state of relaxation. The brain waves are slowed down, energy blockages shifted and having sound has a positive physical, emotional and energetic impact.  In turn this impacts on emotional balance and total relaxation.

Enter the meditational space and immerse yourself in the beauty of sound. Delphina uses high quality chimes as well as her own voice for vibration toning, instilling a sense of peace deeply touching while working through the heart and soul of the body. You can be fully clothed for this treatment.

Reiki ~ Hands on Healing

45 min - $100pp 60 min - $140pp

Reiki is a Japanese practice using the hands on healing technique. Promoting healing by reducing stress and inducing a state of relaxation. This treatment ritual is a lovely, gentle experience of the healing of touch. The result will be energy that flows freely throughout your body. You can be fully clothed for this treatment.