• Mossman River near Silky Oaks Lodge
  • Water Treatment plant at Silky Oaks Lodge


At Silky Oaks Lodge it has always been our ethos to embrace the environment and the lodge is highly sympathetic to its natural surroundings.

The Lodge was originally built on a portion of a farmed and cleared 34 hectare parcel of land adjoining the Daintree National Park. For the past 25 years this land has been regenerated and replanted back to the original rainforest habitat.  Therefore our ‘Eco-Certified -Advanced Ecotourism’ status has a solid sustainability foundation due to this reforestation of the land the Lodge occupies.

For the past 15 years Silky Oaks Lodge has followed its documented Integrated Environmental Management System (IEMS). The first principle of the system is that the long term effect of the Lodge on the local environment must be zero.  The Lodge has its own Sewerage Treatment Plant which is of a standard consistent with World Heritage guidelines.  Grey water from the accommodation houses and main lodge including the Healing Waters Spa passes through grease traps and then on to our treatment plant.  This treatment plant is an open topped packed steel system with a clarification step as well as aerators and sodium illuminate with a final sand filter used to reduce phosphorus. The final effluent emitted out into the grounds and surrounding forest is of a specification near tertiary standard.

All water from the Lodge is drawn from the Mossman River and is treated on site with a sand filter and chlorination plant with the result being a pure minimally treated spring water of a high standard.

Operationally the Lodge further adheres to sustainability of the environment with the following practices:

  • Organic toilet amenities used in all guest rooms and bathrooms
  • Energy efficient light bulbs used throughout the Lodge
  • Environmentally responsible cleaning products used as much as possible in the  laundry and throughout the Lodge
  • Use of email for all correspondence whenever possible
  • Use of recycled paper and both sides of all paper for internal use
  • Sourcing of local produce for the Tree house Restaurant
  • Sourcing of locally made art works and products in our gift store
  • Electric buggies used throughout the Lodge grounds
  • An Australian produced natural organic product used in our Healing Waters Spa
  • All garbage from the Lodge including kitchen fats is sorted and recycled


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