Crocodile watching on the Daintree River


We encourage guests to explore the Daintree National Park which lies adjacent to the grounds of Silky Oaks Lodge. The walking trails into the rainforest provide an apportunity to apppreciate the unique qualities of a primitive rainforest.


The rainforests of the Daintree are among the oldest on earth and are living museums of one of the most complete and diverse biological records that exist.

There are more then 1000 species of trees that have been identified in the north-eastern Queensland. Together with other plant groups such as ferns, orchids, palms, mosses and lichens, the number of plants species exceeds many thousands.

The trail guide is available at reception or use the download sample below. The guide will help you to identify many of the specimens of the forest and assist in learning about them.

Specimens have been selected for identification and not just because of their size. They may be rare, have attractive flowers and fruits or are important for other uses such as medicine or timber.

There are reference books available in the lodge library and naturalist guides are available to accompany you should you be interested in local expert information.



For more information on the Figtree Rapids Trail - you can download a low res version of the trail guide here.

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