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Sustainability and Innovation

At Silky Oaks Lodge, the only thing we care about more than your comfort is our Environment.

Every element of the lodge design, both aesthetic and operational, has been carefully crafted to be sympathetic to the wonder of our natural surroundings. 

Guests of the Lodge may get a sense of this attention to detail as they wander the pathways and boardwalks of the Lodge.  Great care has been taken to ensure all of our Guest Treehouses, and the main Lodge and all of its infrastructure, blend sympathetically with their natural environment.

Our commitment to the environment, however, goes much further than clever architecture, it is present in every element of our operation.  It is embedded deep in our ethos.  

For what many Guests may not realise, is that as hard as we are working to service their every need, behind the scenes we are working just as hard to protect our environment.

Our ’Eco-Certified -Advanced Ecotourism’ status was found on our twin commitments to regeneration and sustainability.

The land on which the Lodge was built was once cleared farming land.  However, 25 successive years of careful planning and hard work has seen this land replanted, re-vegetated and ultimately rehabilitated.  The result of this commitment to re-vegetation is evident to all.  Our 34 hectare parcel of paradise has been rejuvenated and reforested to be indistinguishable from the neighbouring Daintree National Park.

With regards to sustainability, our first principal is that the operational impact of the Lodge on its’ natural environment must be zero.  To achieve this goal, we have documented and implemented a best practice Integrated Environmental Management System (IEMS).

Our IEMS covers all aspects of the Lodges operations.  From the Enviro-smart cleaning products we use to the bio-organic treatments offered in the Healing Waters Spa, from the low energy bulbs that light the Treehouse Restaurant to the  electric vehicles that keep us moving, from the treatment of water into the facilities to the tertiary treatment of waste water, everything we do is best practice.  Better still, everything we do is consistent with World Heritage standards.

If you too love the Environment, why not plan a visit to Silky Oaks Lodge where you really can’t see the Treehouses for the Forest……

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